I was born in Italy, in a beautiful island called Sardinia.  Since when I was child, I was used to draw next to my mother and thanks to her if I’ve got a truly love for panting art.

When I was teen, my idea was to became journalist. Every day I was used to reading the daily newspaper where I took the words I liked most for creating my songs. It was 90’s, the Hip hop Era and  I was really passionate of hip hop music: I wrote songs in rime and I danced breakdance and hip hop dance. The necessity to create the cover of my music albums (it was self-published), led me to discover Photoshop and Illustrator which I used them for making my first photo retouch and graphic images.

After Diploma, I wasn’t still sure about what I would have liked to be in future: Copywriter, given that I’ve always enjoyed writing, or whether Graphic Designer, given that It has always been easy, for me, drawing. And so, I decided to take a BA in Communications at the University of Cagliari. In those years, everybody were talking about new job professions as social media manager and SEO expert, and so, I bought books and I began to studing these subjects. After I concluded a Social Media Mktg course, I understood that it was useless getting around it: I wanted to be Graphic Designer.

And so, every day I started my daily practice creating logos, brochure and new graphic effects, looking for new ideas drawing on paper.

After few months, I found Dado srl, an adverting agency, who was available to let me take the internship. Here, I had two years of experience, where I could improved my graphic techniques and learned how to make claims and visuals for adv and above all to work alongside highly qualified people able to create up to events from A to Z, building a successful communication campaign.

After my internship, I collaborated with various agency as DS Comunicazione, where we made tourist and food booklets and, as freelance, I created many brand identity for shops, restaurants and collaborated with many institutional organisations which they’ve involved me in a variety of projects. My last experience in Italy, has been at Studio UpWeb, a web agency where I took care of graphic and textual contents and learned to use WordPress, which allows me to build websites.

Since I’ve lived in Australia, allowed me to tour this beautiful country, Asia and New Zeland, improving my creativity and meeting new people I collaborate with. Now I take with me my knowledge, methods and visual perspective then now I propose in each new project on which I commit everyday.